From the recording Bungalows and Broken Hearts


I’m never going to leave you all alone, pretending you’re busy on your phone. Never.
I’ll never use your car and sell the spare. Fake like I’m listening when I don’t care. Never.
Never, never, never.
I’ll never bum your last smoke. Steal your money, even when I’m broke. Never.
I won’t take off after all the years, stay for the laughter, leave the tears. Never.
Never, never, never.
The other ones have let you down, took your heart, twisted it around.
But I’m going to show you I’ll never be one of those others, never me.
I’ll never change the locks on the door, or leave you waiting on the dancing floor. Never.
I’ll never say you’re just a friend. I’ll never tell you it’s the end. Never.
Never, never, never. Never, never, never. Never, never, never.